Empower your brand and product with famous characters from Minto which help building relationship with customer.

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Usagyuuun is a mix between a rabbit and mochi (rice cake). It moves its elastic body vigorously to express its feelings! Always curious and on the look for interesting things, it can show up anywhere. It may even come to you any time! Who knows? Its surreal cuteness and intense movement are both big charming points that entertain people all over the world.

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Is a carefree chicken like Alien fallen to the Earth from the Planet of Piyo. He has a friend name Shiratama. He seems loose,

but when things are needed to be said,

he’s not hesitant about it, Let’s talk with him.

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A friendly duo of a Cat & a Rabbit with a cuddly tail and cutie pie cheeks. With their cuteness, they bring laughter and joy to others! They merrily dance and swing that tail, being cuddly dudley…… and sometime pumped up to become Macho-Macho man!?

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The Lovey Dovey bears that were borned from sweet affections to be loved by others. They will give advices to those with one-sided love and the couples who are not getting along well. It seems that only people who are feeling in love can see them.

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The myste…. sort of mysterious White Bear with the humanly body. Do you know that there are several of them all around the world? He’s good at dancing and full of curiosity. He will bring joy to the world with his eXstatic dance !

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On The Table

To - Chan

“To” meaning Table in Thai and mixture of Japanese suffix for female name “Chan” to represent brand’s name “On the Table” and Japaneseness of restaurant. 


Table is thin and hard to characterize though, we manage to design the character in cozy style and female targeted design aligned to client’s target customers.




Chesy embodies the fun and speedy service of the brand, delivering meals with a smile. Through lively campaigns and social media presence to help people enjoy eating at Chester’s Restaurant.


Leela Cooking Oil

Leekung and Nok Chan

LEEKUNG the cooking oil bottle mascot who is expert in cooking technique and knowledge and Nok Chan, a screech owl who live in palm tree farm of Leela. help protect the palm tree to ensure the best quality of cooking oil production.

Samet Island Rayong Province


“Mamet” is a mascot of Samed island. the mascot represents the colorful and fun of the island. Blue for ocean and yellow for beautiful beach. Mamet comes from combining the signatory sound of Mermaid + Samet Island.  located in eastern of Thailand.

Enjoy K-Food


“Kimchan” is a mascot of Enjoy K-food. The mascot inspired by Kimchi, the well-known Korean food. Kimchan helps people know more about Korean product and Korean food.

Phitsanulok Municipality

Tao Kung

Tao Kung is the symbolic mascot character of Phitsanulok Province. Minto created the mascot to serve as the ambassador and communicator of provincial promotion to both in and outside of the province. The mascot is designed under the concept of elements of the most iconic Elephant and Purple clothes from History of Northern Area of Thailand.